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Taste Polish vegan comfort food



Discover Vege Bistro!

Polish vegan cuisine

Vege Bistro was created to bring traditional, popular Polish flavours into vegan cuisine.

In the small, cosy and colorful space of Vege Bistro you can indulge yourself with traditional Polish treats: pierogi, de Volaille cutlet, nationwide known soups and snacks. You can taste also some delicacies form our Eastern neighbours: blini, kolduny, borshch. In short – regional vegan comfort food.

If you go out with friends in the evening you are welcome to enjoy our drink&snacs sets. Some vegan fried „black pudding”, marinated „herring” or „jellied hocks” will go perfect with Polish cider, wines or local craft beers

We change the menu seasonally, basing mainly on Polish products. But do not be surprised to find from time to time some more exotic ingredient – we look for them to recreate desired homely taste.

We just cook with joy, simply and tasty. Our team is a creative mix of passionate cooks from Poland and Ukraine, lead by charismatic Chef– Monika Romanowska.

We serve homemade comfort food and we dream that everybody who visit us always feels like home!”

Monika and Agnieszka

Vege Bistro owners – Monika and Agnieszka












For you and your company:

Business meeting, coffee break, lunch, dinner

Parties, wedding receptions, family gatherings

Cakes, muffins, also gluten -free



Vegan catering for every occasion!

  Monika Romanowska phone: +48 510 041 429

  Agnieszka Jędrzejewska phone: +48 603 666 354




Kopernika 25
00-359 Warszawa, Poland

take away, reservations, delivery
Phone: 516 027 906

Monday-Friday 12pm-8pm
Saturday 12pm-8pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

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